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Child Custody

Child Custody

Louisiana's laws concerning child custody are nuanced and complex.  Child custody in Louisiana has two facets: Legal Custody and Physical Custody.  The term legal custody refers to the legal designation of either sole custody or joint custody and the allocation of decision-making authority apportioned among the parents.  Physical Custody deals with the parenting time schedule. 

A Family Court Judge's primary consideration when determining child custody is the best interests of the children.  Courts consider a litany of factors when determining what custodial relationship serves the best interests of the children involved.  

Just as no two children or families are the same, no two child custody case are the same.  Relying on anecdotal stories from a friend or neighbor who went through a child custody proceeding is a mistake.  Only a seasoned family law attorney can properly counsel you on custodial issues pertaining to your unique family situation. 

Kevin Edler has litigated hundreds of child custody cases and has successfully conducted many trials involving complex custody issues sometimes involving domestic abuse, substance abuse, mental health and the testimony of medical experts.  Kevin Edler has the experience to counsel you on the law as it pertains to your family and protect your family's interests in a child custody proceeding.


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